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Corla McGillivray - Artist

Corla McGillivray – Artist

Reverse Colouring Book© came out of my own art process and was birthed several years ago when my Zentangle© habit morphed into a way to integrate doodling into my art.  I really loved the therapy of what I was doing and as I read about art therapy and how transformative it was for Autistic, Depression, Mental disorders, Alzheimer’s and Dementia… I wanted to be of service to other people and to share what I have discovered for my own grief process and how I am able to cope with life’s deck of cards as they get dealt.  I really wanted to give what I had learned back in order to empower others…

I hope that it is received that way!

It came as one of those “Flash in the Dark” moments.  You know the ones, the ones that come to you as you lay in bed just a step away from falling deeply into sleep.  You think to yourself, “What a great idea, I wish I had a pen… I will remember this as it feels so strong.  How could I forget this one!”  Well, you do, you will and you MUST pay attention to these flashes or they pass by and find another listening ear.  This one was mine and I got out of bed and spent several hours exploring what this idea meant to me and what I wanted it to share to others.  You or someone you know may be ready to find relief through this process.

I like to think of this as an artistic Yoga activity that transcends the emotion of daily life and works like a meditation.  Most people have heard of the “space” that an artist enjoys in the act of creation but I want you to know that the space of creativity is available for all of us.  I want everyone to feel what happens when you step aside from the rush of our daily lives and get to shut off our critical voice and enter a peaceful, pain free zone of playful intuitive exploration.

Does this sound like an impossible scenario?  Well, for me it is very possible and each painting that I work into has given me a personal message that surpasses any expectation that I waited for.  Imagery that speaks only to me gives me an answer to a question that I am seeking to answer, gives me healing and peace through a knowing that I am not alone and someone “out there” is listening and supporting me in a way that is unimaginable.  As Elizabeth Gilbert says in her book Big Magic –  “Your creativity LOVES you!

Let me share my story and how this unfolded over on this other page> Back Story

Reverse Colouring Book© Premier Issue - 2015

PEEK INSIDE > Reverse Colouring Book© Premier Issue – 2015

The book I created to share here will hopefully become a serial magazine that is issued on a quarterly cycle.  It will be up to the people that share and move this message outward.  If you find value in this, please share and help me get this “tool” into the hands of the vulnerable and those people that are hiding behind pain, grief and confusion.  They deserve an outlet and hopefully a way to release.

I want to explain the process that I researched for this book.  I took one background image that I had created and sent it to several people of varying skill and interest in art.  Some were stick men artists, some were autistic, some were just plain curious about what I was offering.  I gave them basic instructions with no pre-conceived expectation. At the end I asked them to answer a quick survey as to the emotional responses that they were aware of, of the time that they spent and if they lost track of time, if they enjoyed the outcome or if they “saw” anything in the way of imagery in their resulting art.

I was so excited to watch them experience the same process and to receive their unique and individual image.  Everyone felt they saw their own images and knew intuitively what message it was trying to unfold.  It was like sitting at a tarot reading and being in awe of how the details were there and telling their story.


art 2 lady image in sample

This was the image and just one of the samples that I had sent from a participant.

How wonderful WILD is the power to see things in your own language!

It is MAGIC…

Here is a short video that plays through some of the amazing images on the same background… ENJOY!


If you wish to view my personal art website click HERE or scan the QR code below.

AND NOW Available – Issue 2 – Line-ology

Volume 2 covershot

We are excited to offer twice as many images, all beautiful, to motivate you to meditate and enter that “zone” of creativity.  Hell YA!


Multiple book savings!

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